When it comes to luxury desserts, the truffle is one of the most beloved and enjoyed of all. For many, however, truffles can be somewhat confusing. Learning a little about what a truffle is, the different types and why they taste so good can help make this great snack even more enjoyable. It gets its name from the edible tuber fungus, which is shaped similarly to the traditional truffle candy.

What is a Truffle

First created in France back in 1895, people have been enjoying truffles for over 100 years now, and they are more popular than ever. A truffle is a type of chocolate candy that comes in many different types. Traditionally, this dessert was round with a hard chocolate exterior and a smooth chocolate ganache center. It was then coated with icing, sugar, cocoa powder, chopped nuts or other things.   This remains largely true today, though you can also get them made with white chocolate, fruits, and much more.

Varieties of Truffle

There are many different varieties of truffle that you can choose from. They are typically broken down into different categories including the following:

  • California Truffle – This is a larger version and has been around since 1973. This was first made in California and helped to popularize the truffle in America.
  • American Truffle – Typically shaped like half an egg it is coated in dark or milk chocolate along with butterfat or coconut oil.
  • Harvey Truffle – Similar to the American truffle, but with the addition of peanut butter and/or graham cracker crumbs.
  • European Truffle – The European truffle has a center made with syrup, cocoa powder, milk powder and other ingredients.
  • French Truffle – This option is made with fresh cream, chocolate and is rolled into cocoa or one of many options of nut powder.
  • Belgian Truffle – This is also often called a praline and is made using ganache, butter cream or nut pastes.
  • Swiss Truffle – This is made using dairy cream and butter, boiled with melted chocolate and then sprinkled with cocoa powder.
  • Vegan Truffle – The vegan truffle replaces any of the dairy products with nut milk or nut butters for a result that is vegan friendly. They are then shaped to resemble a traditional truffle.

There are other types as well, but these are among the most popular and best known options. Of course, within each of these categories there are many variations including additional flavors such as cocoanut, caramel, white chocolate, fruit flavors and more. This is a very flexible dessert and depending on how it is made can have a ‘shelf life’ of anywhere from just a few days to several weeks.

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